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Anxiolytics Dentistry Utah

At Greater Endodontics, we offer anxiolytics dentistry in Utah to help patients with anxiety that would not otherwise seek dental care. Anxiolytics provides a mild, conscious sedation that allows the patient to respond to verbal commands while reducing anxiety levels. This light sedation has been proven to take the edge off for patients with generalized anxiety disorders, belonephobia, dental ptsd or who have a general fear of dentists and allows for complex dental procedures to be performed in less time.

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is common and effects children and adults alike, often leading to avoiding much needed dental work and check ups. At Greater Endodontics, we understand the importance being sympathetic to anxieties and strive to help our patients feel relaxed during their endodontic procedures in Utah. Don’t put your dental work on the back burner due to anxiety, we will help restore your oral health while supporting you through the entire process.

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A Comfortable Root Canal Alternative

If you’ve been told you need a root canal in Utah, you’re probably looking for an alternative—one that still lets you keep your natural tooth. A minimally invasive approach that delivers a higher standard of clean. The GentleWave Procedure effectively removes the bacteria that live throughout your root canal system.

  • A Root Canal Alternative for Anxious Patients
  • Minimally Invasive
  • One Session Procedure
  • Drill free technologies
  • Reduces Risk of Infection/ Failure
  • Faster Healing than Traditional Root Canals
  • Cleans the Deepest Portions of the Root Canal System
  • Lasting results
  • Simple Cost Structures
  • Long-term Minded Treatment Approach
  • Majority of Insurances Accepted
  • Industry Leading Root Canal / Trauma Experts

Dental Sedation Options

We offer several types of medications and options to help our patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during dental visits. These range from anti-anxiety medication, mild oral sedation, nitrous oxide to IV sedation to put patients fully under. Our compassionate dental staff will work with you to decide which option is best for you and your situation based on the type of procedure, your overall health, history of allergies and your anxiety level.

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GentleWave® cleans where others can’t

Preserve your natural tooth with the GentleWave® alternative. The GentleWave® System uses advanced fluid dynamics to create a vortex of procedure fluids that travel through your root canal system. Along the way, broad spectrum acoustic energy helps remove the tissue and debris that cause infection. Unlike standard root canal treatments, the GentleWave Ultra-Cleaning Procedure is able to reach all throughout your tooth—even in the microscopic places where bacteria can hide.

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Standard Treatment

Utah root canal surgery

GentleWave® Procedure

We are very proud to be able to offer this level of care to our patients. Greater Endodontics is trained in the use of the GentleWave® System and will gladly answer any questions you may have about this exciting new technology.

Experience the GentleWave® Procedure

an innovative alternative to standard root canal treatment

More About GentleWave®

Costs & Payment plans

In addition to working with most major dental insurance companies, we are priced competitively and believe we have the best service values in the area. We also offer interest-free payment plans for up to 12 months. Simply fill out the Care Credit application HERE.

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Insurance we accept

We have developed a working relationship with almost every insurance company, and we are the best in our class. We are a preferred provider for over 20 different insurance companies. Chances are, we are the right fit for you and can meet your insurance needs.

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Endodontics Industry Leaders

Learn about our expert endodontists and why they are so dedicated to patient comfort, accurate diagnosis and to providing lasting results, no matter how challenging the procedure.

Endodontics Industry Leaders

Learn about our expert endodontists and why they are so dedicated to patient comfort, accurate diagnosis and to providing lasting results, no matter how challenging the procedure.