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Dental restoration involves procedures that keep your mouth healthy and restoring any damages. Typical restorative procedures include fillings, crowns, and implants. This type of dental work is common and typically does not require too much recovery time. Your dental restoration specialist in Utah will inform you of specific preparation and aftercare instructions depending on the type of dental work you are receiving. General aftercare instructions for restorative dental care work is as follows:

Aftercare - Permanent Restoration

Failure to appoint with your general dentist for the crown may lead to fractures, cracks, and tooth loss.


Congratulations on deciding to save your tooth. We hope it lasts a lifetime! The Root Canal procedure you had performed is the first step in returning your tooth to full form and function.

For your benefit and protection, we have provided you with a permanent restoration that can be used under your crown build-up.


It is normal to feel that the shape and color of your permanent restoration is different than your natural tooth or crown. Often times, the biting surface and flossing contact will be left open or out of occlusion. This is to aid the dentist in the crowning procedure and to expedite healing.

Use caution while eating or clenching your teeth, especially while taking pain meds. You may generate excessive forces that only a properly crowned tooth can handle.

If your tooth has been restored thru the crown, your dentist will continue to monitor the integrity and seal of the crown over time.

What Patients can Expect from a Utah Endodontist

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If you are searching for a dental restoration specialist in Utah to help you combat tooth decay, you can count on the experts at Greater Endodontics. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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Chipped Tooth

Most chipped teeth can be repaired with a simple filling and cap. However, a fracture often extends to the roots, exposing the pulp of the tooth. A root canal treatment is usually required to save and restore function to the tooth.

Dislodged Tooth

A tooth becomes dislodged as a result of being pushed sideways out of or into its socket. In order to save the tooth, an endodontic treatment is necessary to reposition and stabilize the tooth. If the pulp of the tooth has been damaged a root canal must be started in addition to medication followed by a permanent a root canal filling or crown placed at a later date.

Avulsed (knocked out) Tooth

If a tooth is completely knocked out of your mouth it is essential to contact an endodontist immediately. The tooth may be saved if treatment is received quickly and critical steps are followed. Pick up the tooth by the biting surface, do not touch the roots, and gently rinse. If possible, place the tooth back into the socket or in a glass of milk in order to prevent it from drying out. Depending on the length of time the tooth was out and how it was stored, an endodontist may be able to replace the tooth and stabilize it with a splint. After the splint has been in place for a period of time a root canal is needed.

Root Fractures

A horizontal root fracture is less common and the healing success largely depends on where the fracture is located. The closer a fracture is to the tip of the root, the greater the chance of success is. Stabilization and medication may be required to begin the healing process followed by the eventual root canal to repair damaged pulp.

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Endodontics Industry Leaders

Learn about our expert endodontists and why they are so dedicated to patient comfort, accurate diagnosis and to providing lasting results, no matter how challenging the procedure.

Endodontics Industry Leaders

Learn about our expert endodontists and why they are so dedicated to patient comfort, accurate diagnosis and to providing lasting results, no matter how challenging the procedure.