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Laser Dentist Specialist

When it comes to dentistry, there are many different approaches to how to operate in a procedure. You may be familiar with standard dentistry, but you may not have ever experienced laser dentistry, like that used by the teeth-saving specialists at Greater Endodontics.

Our laser dentist specialists use the most advanced technology, including erbium surgical lasers that are specifically tailored for dental procedures and oral surgeries. Laser dentistry is different from traditional/standard dentistry by allowing a more comfortable operation. It also is less painful, reduces the risk of infection and facilitates faster recoveries with fewer complications.

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Experienced Laser Dentist Specialists

At Greater Endodontics, you don’t need to feel nervous, anxious or worried about whatever dental procedure you may be undergoing. We have seasoned professionals in endodontics that allow for smooth execution and more-than-professional results.

Our team at Greater Endodontics believes in staying on the cutting edge of technology and techniques. We use only the most innovative, well-researched and successful solutions to provide our patients with the best care possible.

Why Should You Opt For Laser Dentistry?

If you’re considering visiting a laser dentist specialist, it’s worth doing a bit more research about the subject. There are plenty of reasons and advantages to getting laser dentistry:

Laser dentistry offers incredible accuracy which allows our laser dentist specialists here at Greater Endodontics to more precisely remove and reshape affected soft tissue that would otherwise not be possible using standard instruments. To have this level of precision is optimum in dentistry as it also reduces trauma to the overall tooth and gum structure with targeted dental repair.

Teeth don’t have an immune system or blood supply, which means that when a tooth dies there are no white blood cells to fight infection. This leaves the area around the tooth vulnerable. Laser dentist specialists use laser beams to light up and help sterilize the infected areas that your body’s defense mechanisms can’t reach. The risk for complications is reduced as the laser is able to pinpoint and destroy harmful bacteria and infection while eliminating the risk of damaging the healthy tooth.

Laser dentistry allows for accelerated healing. How? Laser therapy results in accelerated healing by reducing inflammation, minimizing trauma to surrounding teeth and tissue. This activates the immune system, and stimulates tissue regeneration. The healing process is less painful as laser treatments are much less invasive and reduce the need for outdated dental tools and techniques.

  • Less need for sutures when using soft tissue lasers.
  • Less bleeding due to the lasers promoting clotting of the blood.
  • Anesthesia may be completely unnecessary with some dental procedures when using laser dentistry.

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Our expert endodontists are dedicated to patient comfort, accurate diagnosis and lasting results. Look what our patients have to say about us.

Had to go in for unbearable toothache and get a root canal. The team was so nice and so professional! They got me in same day and explained every part of the process, making sure I was comfortable. I recommend them 1,000%!
— Brandi Marie, Posted January 25th 2023 on google
I would recommend Dr.Madsen & his staff all day. Nobody likes having to have a root canal but they make it easy.
— Crystal, Posted January 24th 2023 on google
I went to a new dentist for a regular cleaning and was told I needed a root canal and had 8 cavities - quoted $4900. Outside of having one cavity my entire life, I have NEVER had any issues with my teeth. So, I was shocked. I ended up getting a second opinion who referred me to greater Endo. Their 3D CT scans can see m...
— kira foote, Posted January 22nd 2023 on google
i had a botched root canal and doctor Brockbank tried to fix it. it was good for a year but problems a sore again from it. i just got out of my appointment and he unfortunately couldn't fix it. i was charged nothing. i had a terrible experience when i was a kid so it stuck with me from then on out. he was a great docto...
, Posted October 14th 2022 on facebook
Amazing office! Thank you Dr. Brockbank & Haley for the easiest, most comfortable root canal experience ever!
— Sadie Henderson, Posted October 7th 2022 on google
Nobody likes having a root canal, but if you need one - this is the place to go. I’ve unfortunately needed several procedures over the years and I’ve always gone to Dr. Facer. He and the staff are fantastic! Today, due to a small emergency they got me right in and I saw Dr Brockbank - and to no surprise he was als...
— Terry Chace, Posted August 31st 2022 on google
Honestly, just for fun I would go and get a root canal from Dr. Matt LeCheminant. I was very nervous going into this procedure, and left with a huge half smile on my face (you know, because the other half was real numb). I was able to watch a a movie on the ceiling, and I truly remember more about the film than I do ab...
— shannon tuck, Posted August 25th 2022 on google
The staff today made my visit so much easier than it would have been. Thank you for your kind heart.
— Jess Schenk, Posted August 22nd 2022 on google
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Facer’s for years. Recently, I had a trouble tooth come up, and I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. LeCheminant. They got me in promptly, and took care of all of my needs. World class service and great cost!
— Chase Curtis, Posted July 25th 2022 on google
I have to say, I thought root canals were supposed to be painful. Mine was not at all, it was as delicate as a routine cleaning and just as quick - I timed it. Dr Brockbank started to numb me (painless) and had me out of the office within the hour (and it was my back molar, too). He was attentive, professional an...
— Jesse Fairbourn, Posted July 6th 2022 on google
Great customer service! Cleared all my confusions I had!
— Robert Olsen, Posted July 5th 2022 on google
This was a very nice dentist office. My experience was quick and as painless as possible! Highly recommend!
— Bekah Brewer, Posted April 19th 2022 on google
Fifteen months ago I had a root canal at a different endodontist in Salt Lake. Ever since that time, my teeth had been in pain. For the past twelve months I have visited with the team at Greater Endodontics four seperate times, specifically with Dr. Matt LeCheminant. Even though the problem was not readily apparent and...
— Amy Curtis, Posted March 12th 2022 on google
This place was awesome. Very helpful and comfortable. Best part about was the doc is a 49ers fan. Watched Netflix the entire time. The only thing that was missing is a shot and a Beer.
— Brandy Bone, Posted January 28th 2022 on google
I had a very easy going time during my procedure. I really enjoyed the TV mounted to ceiling! It made the visit go much faster and I wasn’t concerned with what they were doing. Great place!
— Chase Cheney, Posted January 3rd 2022 on google
I was referred to Dr. Facer after sustaining a fractured tooth in a biking accident. The staff was friendly, supportive, and great at communicating everything that was going on. Dr. Facer completed a phenomenal root canal on my tooth, all while dealing with the complicated factor of me having a broken jaw/limited openi...
— McKenzie Roers, Posted December 13th 2021 on google
Dr. Brockbank and his assistant could not have been more caring during my emergency root canal, making certain that I felt no pain during the procedure. I was highly impressed with Dr. Brockbank’s professionalism and skills as a dental surgeon. I very much appreciate their office working with my dentist to find an ap...
— Cary Duncan, Posted October 1st 2021 on google
I'm so glad I went here. I can't say I enjoyed it or that it was comfortable but I had a tooth with really deep roots and I kept burning through the anesthesia. I think I counted 8 shots before I was done. However, I believe anyone else would have made this uncomfortable experience incredibly painful. Fortunately, ...
— Kristi Smith, Posted September 9th 2021 on google
I got in on short notice for a root canal. So grateful that they worked through lunch to help me out! Very friendly staff!
— Jim Lampe, Posted September 8th 2021 on google
Dr Lecheminant and his assistant Kim are extremely knowledable, thorough and empathetic. I had a root canal done and needed followup, and they always take excellent care of me, and are very conscious of my extreme sesitivity as well -Great provider!!!
— Mary Grajales, Posted August 20th 2021 on google

Laser Dentistry In Murray

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to opt for laser dentistry with one of our capable specialists. But it’s also important to assess the risks and disadvantages of laser dentistry.

Some Downsides Of Laser Dentistry
  • Laser dentistry cannot be used on teeth that already have certain types of filling (such as metal amalgam).
  • Lasers can be intense and the use of hard lasers can negatively affect your dental health. They have sometimes been known to injure tooth pulp.
  • While some laser procedures don’t require any anesthesia at all, there are some that still require anesthesia. It’s important to consult your endodontist about this.
  • While laser dentistry tends to make traditional dentistry tools obsolete, sometimes the use of drills are needed. Particularly in the case of completing fillings, shaping, adjusting the bite and polishing the filling.
  • Depending on what dental procedure you need, you should know that some procedures cannot be done with lasers. This also depends on the condition of your teeth and gums.
  • As with any procedure, there is a risk of injury and with laser it’s no different as there is a risk of gum injury.

Greater Endodontics: Great Results With Laser Precision

As you consider the advantages and disadvantages of laser dentistry, know that our specialists at Greater Endodontics are ready to answer your questions and provide you with a consultation that will best assess your dental needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment for laser dentistry!

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