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Dental Implant Specialist

If you are looking for a dental implant specialist in Utah, Greater Endodontics has got you covered. When it comes to major dental work, you should always choose a specialist in saving teeth.

While some general dentists may be qualified to perform oral surgery, they mainly stick to cleanings, fillings and other minor work. Our staff consists of industry-leading, highly experienced dental implant specialists with years of specialty training. With modern dental technology and techniques, Greater Endodontics assures a quick, safe and accurate dental implant procedure.

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How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is an advanced dental procedure that involves the manipulation of teeth, gums and bones that requires more than one visit to your dental office. Dental implants require a surgical procedure that fuses bone to a dental prosthesis.

Dental implants have a 98% success rate and the prosthetics can last up to 15 years or more. To achieve this success, precise assessments and careful planning are required. At Greater Endodontics, we are just as concerned for your oral health as you are - that’s why we only work with specialists and oral surgeons when completing dental implants.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

There are plenty of reasons why you would want or need dental implants.

It may be necessary to get implants if you have missing teeth - whether due to infection, injury or your adult tooth never having been grown in the first place.

You may also decide to get an implant if crowns, bridges or dentures are either not possible or not what you want.

A dental implant will enable you to bite and chew properly, keep healthy teeth from shifting and help you maintain a natural appearance.

In the end, it’ll be up to you and your implant specialist’s recommendation on what the best course of action is for you and your teeth.

How Much Do Implants Cost?

Greater Endodontics offers competitive pricing for all patients. We accept various forms of dental medical insurance policies. We also offer financing options and payment plans with CareCredit. All-in-all, to receive an accurate price point you’ll need to go in for a consultation with your dental implant specialist who will assess what the best course of action is.

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Greater Endodontics Endodontists in Utah.

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Our team is dedicated to patient comfort, no matter how challenging the procedure.

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Our Endodontists remain at the forefront of emerging research and technologies to ensure the best care possible to our patients.

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Our expert endodontists are dedicated to patient comfort, accurate diagnosis and lasting results. Look what our patients have to say about us.

It's strange to say that a root canal was the best dental experience I've ever, had but it's the truth 😂 Staff are extremely kind and caring and truly interested in my well-being. The procedure was explained to me in great detail and I didn't feel any pain, not even the numbing shots! After the procedure, I took ibu...
— Sequan K, Posted July 19th 2024 on google
Very personable staff and doctor. Knowledgeable and happy to explain the process and what to expect. Very pleased. Would definitely recommend.
— C Wariner, Posted July 3rd 2024 on google
I started experiencing pretty intense tooth and jaw pain after a long illness and a particularly stressful few weeks. I came to Dr. Lechiminant feeling fearful and stressed and really put his "bedside skills" to the test. He was so great. . . kind and reassuring and really helped me to understand what was going to ha...
— Sandra Hale, Posted May 6th 2024 on google
The team, at Greater Endodontics, and Dr. Le Cheminant were very professional and willing to get me in quickly for an emergency root canal. I was in a great deal of pain. I am grateful for their willingness to serve me and take away my toothache. I will definitely use them again.
— Richard Gallacher, Posted April 30th 2024 on google
I’ve had a root canal before & it was a terrible experience. I ended up losing my tooth over it. When I found out I had sensitivity I went straight to greater endodontics. They did a fantastic job. Dr. Facer was compassionate & so comforting. He made the procedure easy & comfortable. I highly suggest them. Especially...
— Heather Taylor, Posted April 25th 2024 on google
Greater Endodontics really knows how to take care of their patients. I had wonderful experience, and cannot recommend them enough! I am a very anxious person with dental work and Dr. Madsen and his assistant were very kind and caring! Dr. Madsen also did an incredible job on my dead tooth and bringing it back to life! ...
— Sara Groya, Posted April 18th 2024 on google
Proud to refer our Root Canal patients to @greaterendodontics_ they take care of our patients and this past week took care of one of our staff! They are the best!
— Michael Watson, Posted April 15th 2024 on google
Dr Brockbank exceeded my expectations. I was a bit nervous and he was kind and professional and made me feel comfortable. Greater Endo is top-notch and I would recommend them to all my friends and family to get their root canals done there if they ever needed one!
— Krista Parker, Posted April 13th 2024 on google
I was in so much pain from an infection I had. I needed a root canal and they got me in quickly, right before the weekend. I have a lot of anxiety around dental work (from previous bad experiences) but Dr LeCheminant made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Him and his team answered all my questions and worked quickly ...
— Emily Masulonis, Posted March 15th 2024 on google
Dr. Facer & his assistants were amazing. I was nervous about a root canal however they quickly eased my anxiety by answering questions and concerns. They were gentle, kind, and super efficient. It was done within the hour, I’m extremely grateful for their services.
— sam forbyn, Posted February 29th 2024 on google
Wonderful and patient staff and doctor. along with getting an emergency appt... I'd give more stars if I could. Definitely recommend ❤️
— S. Sorenson, Posted January 17th 2024 on google
If this had been the first and only endodontist I had ever been to, it would have saved me a lot of trouble. Dr Brockbank has worked on me several times and has always been very professional, empathetic, and meticulous in his work; which is important with my complex teeth and dental history. He has also found and corre...
— Chad, Posted January 8th 2024 on google
Dr Facer and his assistant Magen are the best! Magen answered the phone on a Sunday and fit me in the next morning before the office even opened. Dr Facer was so kind and explained everything and answered all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend them!
— Mikell Mashburn, Posted November 20th 2023 on google
Best customer service, high end technology and nice and friendly staff. Dr. LeCheminant was kind and considerate, and very proficient explaining about my root canal issue and what needs to be done, which helped me feel less stressed about it. Staff are also well experienced and helpfully. I highly recommend them.
— Luma Mazen, Posted October 9th 2023 on google
My 2 experiences with Dr. Facer were the best dental care I have had in my 64 years. Kind and considerate care from him and the staff. Highly recommended!
— Helen Whiting, Posted September 23rd 2023 on google
Amazing staff ranging from Abby at the front, to Francis to Dr. Facer. State of the art equipment, their appointments are unusually efficient and their care is at the top of the heap. I went in quite nervous about 4 root canals. The vibe and equipment calmed my concerns immediately, but hearing Francis sing with the of...
— Douglas Spotted Eagle, Posted July 30th 2023 on google
Clean, modern office, professional staff. Painless procedure. Would recommend
— Mark Stewart, Posted July 19th 2023 on google
I had the greatest dental experience today seeing Dr. Brockbank and the amazing dental assistant (can't remember her name but she's amazing). They let me explain what was going on and listened carefully about my concerns of my anxiety. They reassured me that they'd make me comfortable enough to not have a panic attack....
— Jessica Mott, Posted July 12th 2023 on google
Dr. Facer and his staff are outstanding! My experience at his office was seamless from start to finish. Thanks guys!
— Kevin Andrus, Posted July 6th 2023 on google
10 stars if I could! My family member had a root canal retreated with Dr. LeCheminant. The procedure quick and painless! The doctor was informative and comforting and his assistant (Kim), was amazing as well. The Murray practice is beautiful and southing. They clearly work well as a team, and it shows!
— Ali Yazback, Posted March 20th 2023 on google

Things To Know After Getting Dental Implants

Your implant should heal within a couple of weeks. Dental implants, when properly cared for, can last up to 15 years. Your dental implant specialist will provide you with any additional aftercare instructions. Should you experience any difficulty breathing after your procedure, please call emergency medical services (911).

Aftercare And Recovery
  • Brushing - After receiving your dental implant, you can gently brush the tooth/teeth where the treatment was performed. You should refrain from brushing the gums and should use the soft toothbrush that will be provided for you after your procedure. After a week has passed, you can return to your regular brushing habits, but be mindful that you may brush as normal after a week, but still, be gentle in the surgical site for an additional week.
  • Rinsing - Rinsing after your procedure with saltwater/saline rinses are encouraged to keep the area clean. Do not swish aggressively, simply let the water/saline bath over the surgical site.
  • Flossing - Do not floss or use a waterpik in the surgical site.
  • Eating - Do not eat anything granular that could get stuck in the surgical site i.e. strawberries, raspberries, popcorn.
Pain Expectations

During your dental implant procedure, you will be numbed and under sedation. After your procedure, pain is to be expected. Pain and inflammation will peak around day 3 or day 4. After that point, the area should start to improve. The area will be tender to the touch for approximately 1-2 weeks.

Here are some remedies and recommendations on how to manage pain and improve recovery:

  • You can apply warm heat or compresses to the cheek where the procedure occurred.
  • Avoid drinking warm liquids as this can dissolve the sutures.
  • Avoid using ice, as this can slow the healing process.
  • Avoid using essential oils inside the mouth.
  • It is recommended that you take Ibuprofen to aid in the healing of the bone and reduce swelling. Consult your dental implant specialist and primary care physician on what dosage is right for you if any.

Dental Implants At Greater Endodontics

Unlike other dental offices that allow general dentists to perform complex procedures, at Greater Endodontics you can rest knowing your dental health is in the hands of a qualified professional. With experience and expertise, we are able to bring you the healthy, beautiful smile that you deserve. For the most qualified dental implant specialist in Utah, contact Greater Endodontics today!

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Greater Endodontics Endodontists in Utah.

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Our expert team of endodontists provides premium dental care for Utah residents. Using modern techniques and technologies, we offer restorative, cosmetic, and surgical procedures. We have a variety of sedation options, ensuring you a comfortable, pain-free experience. With leading experts in the endodontic field, and our expert training and diagnosis procedures, we treat patients with unsurpassed care and comfort.

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Costs & Payment Plans

In addition to working with most major dental insurance companies, we are priced competitively and believe we have the best service values in the area. We also offer interest-free payment plans for up to 12 months. Simply fill out the Care Credit application HERE.

Costs and payment plans with Greater Endodontics in Utah.

Insurance We Accept

We have developed a working relationship with almost every insurance company, and we are the best in our class. We are a preferred provider for over 20 different insurance companies. Chances are, we are the right fit for you and can meet your insurance needs.

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