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First root canal in over 20 years and I have high anxiety when I go to the DDS. The staff was very friendly and my bill was over $250 less than originally quoted. Dr Casper & his assistant were amazing! I was highly impressed which when it comes to dental work is saying alot! I will definitely recommend Greater Endodontcs!!
— Michelle Bennett
Posted March 9th 2023
Dr. Casper and his staff were fantastic. They were very patient with me as we worked to find the problem. They then did an sending job fixing it. Thank you
— Justin Woodward
Posted February 14th 2023
Wonderful staff and doctor was very quick, gentle, and thorough!
— Ayn Larson
Posted December 29th 2022
If you need a specialist for root canals, definitely come here. I've unfortunately have had to come here on two different occasions, due to different teeth. I had Dr. Rhett Casper work on one tooth and the second time I've gone, Dr. John Barrett. They both did a wonderful job on the tooth that they worked on. The staff is also incredible and so lovely to interact with. They were so kind to me. I had a tooth that was absolutely miserable. I could not eat or sleep for 3 days, let alone function. I left a voice mail at 3:30 AM, literally crying because I was in so much pain and they had called me by 6:50 AM to let me know that they can squeeze me in. I was beyond grateful to them for arranging me to come in. The office is neat, clean, sterile and cozy. I hate going to dentists but if I have to, I'm relieved that I found this place. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— gina bina
Posted December 25th 2022
They were quick efficient and painless. Highly recommend.
— Daniel Shaw
Posted December 5th 2022
Dr. Casper was a magician! My first root canal at a different dental office was total torture. This one with Dr. Casper was a breeze! I even fell asleep a few times, never thought that would happen. I didn’t feel anything the entire time, not even the initial numbing. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.
— Jocelyn Fiefia
Posted July 13th 2022
Got a root canal with Dr Barret and it went super well. I’ve had a root canal before and the entire process was so long and painful; the numbing stopped working half way through and it was a nightmare. But this place did a great job! Great staff, great work, they worked with me and my anxiety, and overall I now trust them 100% for any dental needs.
— Tania Molinar
Posted June 9th 2022
I’m so glad I came here for my root canal. The whole staff was so friendly and welcoming - and worked well with me and my insurance who decided not to cover to root canal. They helped me with a payment plan that was simple and easy. Dr Casper is the most gentle dentist I’ve ever been to. It was my first root canal and I was absolutely terrified, especially because I’m pregnant. I have a very sensitive gag relax and emotions are heightened. My tooth pain was so unbearable until he fixed it today and I felt nothing during the procedure. Not even the numbing shot! It was very quick, didn’t feel much different from just getting a cavity filled. I couldn’t believe the amount of relief I have felt since my numbing wore off. Everyone was super knowledgeable and organized from the moment I stepped in. Would give you guys 10 stars if I could!
— Julia Jenson
Posted March 18th 2022
Dr. Brimley was excellent. No pain at all. My root canal was easy.
— Jeremy Huntley
Posted January 28th 2022
My review will be a little different from all the others posted here because I am a retired dentist. I practiced for 43 years in California as a general dentist before retiring to Utah. I have done many root canal treatments and I have seen many patients who have had root canals done elsewhere. I self-referred myself to this endodontic office and have NOT been given free treatment for my review. I can easily say this is a great office to have your root canal treatment. The doctor, Dr. Casper, was very knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient as he diagnosed my need for root canal treatment and as he performed the procedure. My treatment was painless and went fast. The whole staff was very friendly and caring. Why see an endodontist for a root canal? Speaking from experience, not all root canal treatments done by a general dentist are done well, giving us more chance of failure. General dentists do not have the training, skill, and equipment to diagnose and perform the treatment nearly as well as the specialist. Would you rather see the family dentist who has basic root canal equipment, has minimal training in doing root canals, takes a lot longer to complete the procedure successfully, and does maybe 2 root canals a week, or, would you rather see the endodontic specialist who has special 3-D x-ray equipment to better diagnose the problem, uses a microscope to better see the inside of the tooth, and does maybe 5 root canals a day? If you need heart surgery (like I did), would you rather see the family doctor or a specialist heart surgeon? As a retired dentist, seeing things from inside the profession, I will definitely have any future root canal treatments for me and my family done in this office. Even if the treatment costs a few hundred dollars more, to me it is worth it to have the specialist treat my bad tooth. There is always a 5% chance a root canal treatment will not be successful due to the bad anatomy of the canal space, fractures in the root, or abscesses that continue to grow even after an ideal treatment result. I would rather pay the extra amount in an endodontic office for the extra skill and use of expensive specialized equipment to increase the chance of a successful long-term result with my root canal. I would highly recommend that you have your tooth pain diagnosed and your root canal treatment done in this office by Dr. Casper or his partner, Dr. Brimley. They are very caring, gentle, and skilled in their treatment. Alan Stott D.D.S.
— Alan Stott
Posted January 11th 2022
Great service and very attentive. Super happy with the work they did and how helpful and aware they are of their patients.
— Chris Wright
Posted October 7th 2021
I was pretty worried about getting my first root canal but it was a great experience I felt nothing at all. Also the staff is all really nice.
— Kylee B
Posted September 3rd 2021
Greater Endodontics is very well-managed with highly professional staff and Drs. I was greeted as soon as I walked in and was taken care of immediately. Everything was explained to my understanding and satisfaction. The procedure was pain free and thorough. I will highly recommend this state of the art office to anyone who is seeking quality care!
— Christal McLean
Posted August 10th 2021
I don't think anyone ever looks forward to root canals. But I received my second root canal last year from Dr Casper and it was amazing how much the burdens, pains and annoyances I'd experienced in my first one were reduced. Dr Casper is amazingly good at minimizing pain and discomfort. It was a root canal, but it was like half as bad as my first one, at least. So much better. Night and day kind of difference. I know this risks hyperbole. And I'm certainly not saying that root canals are now easy and nice. But really, Dr Casper and his assistant (don't recall her name, sorry) were just extremely good at what they do. From the bedside manners, to the actual execution of the procedure. It was really at least half the inconvenience -- i.e. twice as well done -- as my first one. I have to go in this week and despite not having insurance and the cost being, well, not cheap, I'm still happy he's available this week and that I can get him. If you have to get a root canal, and you can have Dr Casper do it, it's so worth it.
— Ethan Pearson
Posted June 1st 2021
I did my root canal with Dr. Casper and literally the best Endodontics ever!!! I love him!!! No pain and was very patient and sweet with me! Super nervous at first with a lot anxiety but he was so great to calm me down and worked on my tooth like champion. I trust him a lot! Best ever!
— Catherine Lindsay
Posted September 10th 2020
Dr Casper was amazing! I had to get a root canal, and I am someone extremely anxious about dental work. The procedure was pain free and Dr Casper was very kind and polite. Even though getting a root canal sucks, Dr Casper made it the best experience it could be.
— Mike Vermillion
Posted August 5th 2020
Dr. Casper was amazing. Extremely kind and concerned, thorough and caring. He found the source of my bottom jaw pain even though the tooth causing trouble was on the top! He personally followed up with me several times after I had a rough time during a root canal. The front desk ladies were perfectly kind and competent as well.
— Stormie Walston
Posted July 21st 2020
First time in over 15yrs I havent had to ask for more anesthetic in the middle of the dental procedure. Staff are very friendly and professional, and even though i arrived late they still saw me and completed the appointment same day. I would recommend this copper creek endodontrics to anyone who asks.
— Dominic Welch
Posted July 14th 2020
I loved being in Dr. Casper's office today very good doctor very kind and very cordial and his assistant Kelly is amazing. And beatiful person. I recommend it 100% they had a lot of patience with my little English.😊😊😊 Thank you so much!!
— Irma Aldaz
Posted March 19th 2020
Amazing doctor and staff. Highly recommend
— Yumi Pena
Posted November 5th 2019
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