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Toothache Specialist

A toothache is never a pleasant experience. Often, it can be an indication of an underlying dental problem. While you may think a toothache is just a mild inconvenience - and sometimes it can be - it can mean something serious like an infection or decay. It’s important to monitor any toothaches you experience and consult a toothache specialist in Riverton, like those at Greater Endodontics, if the toothache persists.

Schedule a consultation with Greater Endodontics, your leading provider of Riverton endodontics services, and we can help you with your toothache and determine the cause behind it. We’re specialists in saving teeth , and our toothache specialists can treat your tooth and send you home with a healthy, pain-free smile.

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How Serious Are Toothaches

Toothaches, at any pain level, should be carefully monitored and taken seriously. It’s possible you may have an idea of what is causing your toothache, or perhaps it just came out of nowhere. Whatever the case may be, until the cause of your toothache is determined and explored, your toothache will only get worse with time.

Infected or damaged teeth that are left untreated can lead to serious medical issues. If inner tooth decay goes untreated, nerves and tissues can be destroyed, resulting in complete tooth loss. Don’t waste time searching for a toothache specialist in Riverton - give Greater Endodontics a call at the first sign of tooth pain.

Toothache Signs To Watch Out For

Toothaches vary from extreme, stabbing pains to a constant, dull ache. Take note of the type of pain you are experiencing and the area affected in order to describe it to a professional.

If your toothaches are accompanied by any of the following symptoms, be sure to call an endodontist or toothache specialist immediately:

  • Fever
  • Gum Inflammation
  • Discharge from the Infected Area
  • Pain in Teeth, Neck, Jaw or Upon Opening and Closing Mouth
  • Toothache that does not Subside After a Full Day

Different Kinds Of Toothaches And Pains

Toothaches vary in severity. Some may experience a dull throb while others experience sharp jabbing pains. Different pains can indicate different underlying dental problems.

  • Dull, Achy Throb - An achy jaw may be a sign of bruxism, or teeth grinding.
  • Sharp Pain when Biting - Sharp pain can indicate a variety of things, from a cavity or loose filling to a cracked tooth or decaying pulp.
  • Hot and Cold Sensitivity - This is usually not a serious problem and can be addressed with toothpaste designed to protect sensitive teeth. However, if it is a recurring problem, it could be a sign of a cavity or decaying enamel.
  • Severe Pressure and Swelling of Gums - Indicates a severe infection of a tooth that may have spread to the surrounding bone and should be addressed immediately.

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Greater Endodontics Endodontists in Riverton.

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I had a very positive experience with Greater Endodontics. On my first consultation, I was greeted warmly by all of the staff. I felt important and valued. At the end of the appointment, the office staff explained the procedure that they recommended and gave me a quote. The next week I scheduled a root canal retreatmen...
— Holly Stoddard, Posted July 19th 2024 on google
I was impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Brimley and his assistant. The evaluation was explained in detail and then the root canal I had done was done with care and effective.
— Richard Belt, Posted July 16th 2024 on google
A 5-root canal redo from my dentist. Very pleased with the service, their technology and the doctors expertise. I was comfortable the entire time.
— Matt S, Posted July 15th 2024 on google
My experience with Dr. Brimley at Greater Endodontics Riverton was exceptionally amazing! All the office staff members, assistants and Doctor were very kind and professional. They all went above and beyond to explain the charges, procedure, experience to expect and outcome of my procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. ...
— Geri Zwicky, Posted July 10th 2024 on google
Dr. Brimley and his team is great. He is always very thorough in his treatment. He made sure my son was not even in the slightest discomfort making the overall experience great. And the dental assistant was very kind and warm to speak to.
— Sushmita Shrestha, Posted July 9th 2024 on google
I had a fantastic experience. Dr Larson was thorough and fast. I didn’t feel a thing.
— Krista Diem, Posted July 5th 2024 on google
Dr Brimley and his staff were wonderful. I was kind of anxious about the procedure but Dr. Brimley put my mind at ease and did a great job with my root canal I highly recommend him.
— liz medina, Posted July 4th 2024 on google
The entire staff was great. I was super anxious for my root canal fix. They made it seem like it was no big deal. Dr Brimley was wonderful I had no pain during or after the procedure.
— Seasen Ruoti, Posted July 2nd 2024 on google
Fabulous experience. This is my third time there and every time has been very professional, easy, and the work on my teeth was painless and flawless. I wouldn’t go anywhere else to get a root canal. dr. Brimley is a true artisan.
— Sharon Eastman, Posted June 29th 2024 on google
Nobody likes to go to the “dentist” or orthodontist or Endodontist but this place was great! The worst part of it all was I didn’t fall asleep! No pain, doc kept me informed the whole (2hours) way…as relaxing as possible and the music was nice! Thanks James Taylor!lolol😉
— darlene thompson, Posted June 27th 2024 on google
Great staff, so friendly & knowledgeable!!!
— Ryan Defa, Posted June 24th 2024 on google
Dr. Larsen was about the best Endodontic Dentist I've ever met. Funny, professional, and gave amazing care. The only place I'd recommend my friends go.
— Daniel Allred, Posted June 22nd 2024 on google
I can't say enough good about Dr Curtis Brimley and his assistant. I had a complicated root canal and he was the only one that was able to complete it, He is a master. I would never go to anyone else. I was told I would have to have my tooth extracted and after others had attempted it and failed, they even called me...
— irene remund, Posted June 20th 2024 on google
really excellent care
— Reyna Reyes, Posted June 19th 2024 on google
Dr Brimley and staff are very efficient, professional and supportive.
— pamela magliocchino, Posted June 17th 2024 on google
So far on day 1 after the gentle wave root canal by Dr. Larsen, I’m doing well. No pain and the whole process took about an hour.
— William Schuetz, Posted June 15th 2024 on google
So impressed and would highly recommend Dr. Brimley and his staff for dental treatments. All very friendly people and a great environment. I really appreciated the explanations for my root canal and the consistent checking of the procedure by Dr. Brimley. Keep up the great care and dental procedures.
— B C, Posted June 15th 2024 on google
I appreciated Dr. Casper's knowledge and explaining to me my options and also offering his advice on how we should approach a problematic tooth due to the error of another. I'm optimistic we made the right decision.
— Curtis Clayton, Posted June 12th 2024 on google
Very friendly and professional.
— jim bowers, Posted June 7th 2024 on google
Dr. Brimley did a fantastic job on my root canal and I had only had to take a few tylenol for pain towards the evening. I felt priviledge to sit in a brand new chair. I was thinking maybe the next chair should have a small massage link to it. I would highly recommend Dr. Brimley plus he knows a little about plumbin...
— Dave Peck, Posted June 4th 2024 on google

What Happens If My Toothache Is Part Of A Larger Issue?

If you are experiencing a toothache that is severe, it’s worth contacting a toothache specialist. There are specialists and endodontists at Greater Endodontics that can intervene and remedy your toothache. A severe toothache may mean the tooth's soft inner tissue is damaged or infected as a result of deep decay or trauma.

A toothache specialist will perform endodontic treatment, such as root canal therapy, which can relieve the pain and save the tooth by removing the pulp and cleaning, filling and sealing the canals. The tooth is then restored with a crown or other restoration. Our specialized endodontists take charge in a traumatic dental emergency to save the infected or fractured region of the tooth and restore the patient’s smile.

Of course, the treatment of your toothache may not need such serious intervention. It all depends on the overall severity and condition.

Take Care Of Your Toothache

If you’re experiencing toothaches, especially toothaches that are persistent and painful, don’t wait any longer to have them assessed and taken care of. The toothache specialists at Greater Endodontics are here and ready to help. Our specialists work with and rely on state-of-the-art technology including lasers, microscopy, digital x-rays, CBCT and intra-oral cameras for precise diagnosis and results in treating toothaches.

Greater Endodontics can determine the cause of your toothache, then fix and restore the issue. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

Greater Endodontics Endodontists in Riverton.

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